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Yeah! It’s Blue Monday

Despite today being labelled as Blue Monday, there's no reason to be feeling down on this or any other day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue. A lovely change from the rain and wind over the last few weeks. After a flurry of snow at the weekend, the day's are getting longer and [...]

How to Survive Christmas

Christmas can be stressful - particularly with all the added pressure that gets piled on at this time of year. You've fought your way through the crowds of Christmas shoppers to grab the best bargains and stressed over the size of the gifts and whether you have enough. Families who rarely speak to each other [...]

Are you up for a challenge?

What is it about October - it's the month for giving things up. Stoptober - the NHS encourage you to become a non-smoker. Go Sober - to go alcohol-free for a month for Macmillan Cancer. All great reasons to change a bad habit. Perhaps after the Summer holidays people come back with a new perspective [...]

What makes you happy?

It's the International Day of Happiness - so how happy are you and what makes you happy. The sun has come out - that makes me happy. A lovely bunch of flowers - freshly delivered or picked from the garden - that makes me happy. Chocolate (good quality) - that always makes me happy. Watching [...]