5 Professional Speaking Courses

If you speak on or offline as part of your business, get your hands on quality speaker training to help grow your business. Along with four other established professional speakers we'll share our knowledge and expertise. No fluff, no endless sales pitches, just good, down-to-earth quality training. Take a look and get instant access to the FREE [...]

Bartering Your Services

Be wary of requests to trade or barter your services.  While it can seem like a good way to get goods or services without spending cash - think carefully. - Is it really something you want or is useful for you and your business? - Would you be prepared to pay for it anyway?  There's [...]

Yes, No or Maybe

When you say Yes - do you actually mean it? Quite often someone will say they'll do something when actually they won't. It's not through malice, it's usually because they haven't thought ahead. When they say "I'll call you later/this afternoon/tomorrow" - actually they already have plans for 'later' or they're not going to be [...]