Women In Business

While much of the business world is still male dominated, it is changing, slowly.  Women have been in the workplace for less time than men and still earn less - even for doing the same job. I've seen the rapidly expanding growth of women's business networks, where women get together to support other like-minded women. [...]

Out of the Office

When I send out my monthly newsletter, it's interesting to see the variety of 'Out of Office' messages that come back. Some are more helpful than others. They vary from the simple "I'm out of the office until (date)", to the more informative or more specific. - If you need to contact me urgently here's [...]

The myth of Inbox zero

Email is one of the top things that gets in the way of being productive - although it's a tool in itself, it's also a source of great time wasting. Not only because of the shear volume of emails you receive on a daily basis but because of the time you spend dealing with it. [...]