And now it’s Wimbledon

I might not have been glued to the World Cup but now Wimbledon is on - I have something to watch. There's potentially more of an impact to office productivity, because the games are on during the working day. Here's how I organise my time when I can, so that I can watch a few [...]

How To Double Your Hours

You’re workload is limited by the amount of hours you have available. If you could increase the number of hours,  you could increase your productivity.  One hour of your effort achieves one hour of results. Delegate a task and one hour of effort can achieve several hours of results. You have your own skills and [...]

The simplicity of pen and paper

There are any number of apps available that promise to organise your to-do list, capture notes, help you to be more productive, plan your day ... While technology is great, it can tie us down or even make us less productive, as you spend time attempting to get the latest app to sync with the [...]