Planners and Journals

Do you use a planner or journal? Planners and journals are so much more than just a diary. They often include pages and layouts for goals, checklists, daily planning. Enabling you to organise your day, your work and your life. Even though I'm technically minded, I love the organic nature of using pen and paper for my [...]

21 Business days wasted annually

A new study released by Sharp today has revealed that office workers in the UK are wasting an incredible 21 days per year per employee. This is due to issues with workplace technology and is the equivalent of an extra 4 week holiday for every member of staff. Technology is supposed to make our lives [...]

Delegate don’t dump

Delegation is a great way to increase your productivity and achieve more, especially if you have limited time available. By delegating you handover or outsource tasks that someone else is better qualified, more skilled, can do quicker or has more time to do than you. When you delegate, not only do you free up your [...]

The Four Day Work Week

We work some of the longest working hours in Europe and this is linked to increased stress levels, sleep issues, reduced productivity and increased sick leave. According to recent surveys in order to reduce stress levels across the workforce, we need to start working a four day week.Sounds like a great idea, after all, in [...]

World Cup Productivity

England may be out of the 2014 World Cup but business goes on as usual ... or does it. With big sporting events there's a desire to get involved and this can have a significant impact on business and productivity. What effect have you already seen on your business in the first  two weeks of [...]