Lunch and Learn Sessions

You can’t spare people to go on training because there is so much work to be done, but you can’t neglect their training and development.

Lunch and Learn is a cost-effective way for managers and staff to get more training by making the lunch hour multi-functional.

The biggest benefit is that you are able to get more training delivered to your employees quickly and easily at minimal cost.

  • Productivity improves
  • Managers and staff learn new skills quickly to apply immediately
  • Talk about issues that concern them
  • Very cost effective
  • No loss of work time
  • Sessions focused on development needs
  • Up to 10 people in each session
  • Staff feel valued

At its simplest, a Lunch and Learn programme is an information-packed session, scheduled during the lunch hour.
The training is usually less formal and less structured than normal workshop sessions and each Lunch and Learn session is a mix of tutorial and questions and answers.
Lunch and Learn is ideal for anything that can be covered in 50 minutes. People need time to get to the sessions, ask questions and get back to their jobs, so they’re kept brief and focused.
Tailor a Lunch and Learn Programme to what works for your company and its culture.

Key Time Management Topics

How it Works

Ready to Start?

Arrange a Taster session for your staff or if you would like further details, contact me to discuss your requirements.

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The programme is delivered in 50 minute sessions and includes a mix of training and Q&A. Select from a minimum of four or more of the above topics.

  • Decide who should attend – optimum 10 people. Small groups maximise the benefit of each session.
  • Agree the dates and times for the sessions. The same time each week or fortnight works best.
  • Arrange a suitable venue – a conference or meeting room, easily accessible and away from interruptions, noise and distractions is ideal.
  • People bring their own lunches to the sessions or you might want to make it a team-building event and encourage employees to attend by providing lunch.