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A series of articles taken from my monthly newsletters - on the topics of time management and work life balance.

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My articles are regularly published in Better Business Focus an online magazine for accountants and Financial Solutions the magazine for Independent Financial Advisors.

Nov 07 Zest Magazine - "Making time for me has helped me juggle my baby and career - by Rebecca Speechley"

Sep 07 Times Educational Supplement - The Easy Way Back by Steven Hastings


2D Communication in a 3D World - Communication these days is all too often via the 2D method of email and text messages.  Be careful what you say and how you say it.

Active Listening - Listening is one of the most effective communication skills we can learn. However, listening is about more than what’s being said.

Body Language - When we communicate with someone we will be doing so on a number of levels, not just the words that we use.

Communicating Effectively - How often do we misinterpret what’s been said or done, just because we don’t know how to communicate properly?

Dealing With Change - Moving house, changing jobs, redundancy, divorce, losing a loved one, death, they all affect us in different ways.

Dealing With Your Holiday Backlog - If you’re someone who relies on email as part of your business, you probably dread coming back from holiday to hundreds of emails.

Debt Busting - Debts can be a major cause of stress and anxiety. 60% of consumers do not know how much they owe. The sooner you realise you have a problem, the sooner you can start doing something about it.

Email Overwhelm - one way to increase your productivity is to limit the amount of time you spend on emails.

Extreme Self-Care - Take Time For Yourself - At times when life seems to be getting us down or we’re going through a period of stress, loss or uncertainty, it’s important to take special care of ourselves! 

Food For Optimum Health - One of the important things we need to do to ensure a good balance in our lives, is to be aware of what we eat , so that we can have optimum health.

Get Control Of Your Money - If you’d like to have more money each month or want to get control of your finances read on for a few tips to help you get on top of things and start getting your spending back under control.

Get Rid of Your Stuff - Declutter Your Life! - Do you have drawers full of clothes you don't wear? Rooms full of junk taking up space.  Are you a bit of a hoarder?

Get Everything Done In A Day - Have a Focus Day.  One day a week or once a month when you give yourself the chance to clear your to-do list and all those things you've been putting off.

Giving Effective Feedback - Feedback is an effective way of communicating with employees, colleagues or members of your team.

Goal Setting - Do you have one BIG goal that you would like to achieve, or perhaps three or four that you would like to complete? Here are a few key steps to enable you to turn your goals into reality?

How Do You Spend Your Time? - If you’re not sure where all your time disappears, keep a log of your time for a week or so.  Make a note of everything you do through your normal working day.

Improve Your Eating Habits - The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.  If you want a diet for life then you need to adjust your eating habits.

Improve Your Money Habits - Seven Steps to get your finances under control and increase your financial well-being.

Improve Your Performance - If you want to operate at Peak Performance then you need to give your body what it needs to function effectively – nutrition and exercise. 

Improve Your Work Life Balance - Do you feel that you’re spending too much time at work and there must be more to life?  Perhaps you need to improve your work life balance?

Handling Paperwork - We’re constantly being overwhelmed by paperwork despite the fact that this is the electronic age. Here are some ways to help you get the paperwork back under control.

Learn to Say No! - Learning to say ‘No’ can be useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed or feel you’re taking on too much.

Limiting Beliefs - Limiting beliefs are what stop us from moving forward and making progress by clouding our view of the world.

Making A Career Change - If work's getting you down or you'd like to try something different, here are a few things to consider.

Making The Most Of Your Time Online - Manage your time online in the same way that you manage any other area of your business or social life.

Managing Stress - Stress can be both positive and negative.  A certain level of stress is good – it stirs us into action but too much stress affects the body both physically, mentally and emotionally.

One Day Business Plan - Every business needs to have an idea of where it’s headed and it’s purpose.  For that reason, you need a Business Plan.

Procrastination - How often have you made yourself ‘busy’ just because you’re putting off doing something you’re resisting?  Well, here are few things you can do to prevent procrastination.

Remembering Names - Do you have problems remembering names or are you really lucky and never forget a face ... or a name?

Sensible Exercise - is about increasing your general activity in each and every day and finding things to do that you enjoy. 

Twenty Money Saving Tips - Twenty tips to save you hundreds of pounds (or dollars) each year for just a little time and effort.

Why Have A Coach - Six reasons why having a coach can enable you to make real changes in your business and personal life.

Working From Home - How to balance working from home with family, friends and partner to create a productive and effective environment.

Writing Your First Newsletter - A newsletter can be a useful marketing tool for keeping in touch with your contacts and clients.


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My articles have been published on a regular basis in Better Business Focus an online magazine for accountants and Financial Solutions the magazine for Independent Financial Advisors.