Create A To-Do List That Works

Do you work from a daily to-do list or do you have a ‘rolling’, never-ending to-do list? According to @BBCBreakfast this morning – people who write lists and set goals are more likely to achieve their objectives and get more done. Well, we already know this – it’s well known and oft quoted. To-do lists,…

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Having It All … With No Sleep

Juggling, multi-tasking, doing everything and being a business mum can be tough. At the recent Business Mums Summit I heard many comments from hard-working mums who were trying to squeeze as much as possible into their day, in order to run their own businesses and mostly managing to burn the candle at both ends. Getting…

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Drop-outs, No-shows And Last Minute Cancellations

Anyone who runs meetings, events or workshops knows that there is always the risk of ‘drop outs’, ‘no-shows’ and last minute cancellations. Social or business, free or paid.  If it’s free it’s more likely to occur – there’s no financial penalty for not attending.  It’s just as likely to happen for paid events.  Whether it’s a…

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