Top productivity killers

Top time wasters

Business and people are even more connected today as a result of the technology available. Time is a precious commodity. We need tools and applications to make us more productive but do they? However, as useful as they are, they are also a great source of distraction. Interrupting our day, creating pressure, extending the working…

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UK Productivity lags behind Europe

UK Productivity

BBC Radio 5 Live discussion on UK Productivity with Adrian Chiles Currently, UK Productivity lags behind many of our European counterparts such as France, Germany and the US. In the UK productivity is growing but we’re still way behind other comparable countries and growth remains weak. Linked to – a lack of education and training,…

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25 ways to create a 25 hour day

Once a year we gain an hour as the clocks go back to GMT. Hang around for another 200 million years and we will have a 25 hour day. Can’t wait that long? Here a few ways – 25 in fact, to help you regain a lost hour … or more. You could easily be wasting…

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The importance of sleep on productivity

The importance of sleep

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Science is now backing up how important sleep is to our overall health and our productivity. It affects all aspects of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Loss of sleep costs the UK economy over £30bn a year in lost revenue, or…

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After the workshop is over …

After the workshop

You’ve just come back from a really inspiring seminar, event or informative workshop – full of great ideas. Now what? You made notes and now have a list of all the tips and information. Enthused with all the things you’re going to do and change, you can’t wait to get started. Back at the office – there are…

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Productivity versus being busy

Productivity versus being busy podcast

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Productivity versus Being Busy with Clare Evans Listen in to learn how to deal with email, how to keep social media from becoming a time suck, and how to find the work-life balance that works for you. LinkedIn podcast with Jason Miller – Global Content and Social Media Marketing Leader.

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Planners and Journals

Planners and Journals

Do you use a planner or journal? Planners and journals are so much more than just a diary. They often include pages and layouts for goals, checklists, daily planning. Enabling you to organise your day, your work and your life. Even though I’m technically minded, I love the organic nature of using pen and paper for my…

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21 Business days wasted annually

21 days wasted productivity

A new study released by Sharp today has revealed that office workers in the UK are wasting an incredible 21 days per year per employee. Wasted time is often due to issues with workplace technology and is the equivalent of an extra 4 week holiday for every member of staff. Technology is intended to make…

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Delegate don’t dump

delegate don't dump

Delegation is a great way to increase your productivity and achieve more, especially if you have limited time available. By delegating you handover or outsource tasks that someone else is better qualified, more skilled, can do quicker or has more time to do than you. When you delegate, not only do you free up your…

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Six Hours For A More Productive Work Day

short work day

Sweden have introduced a six-hour work day to increase productivity and make people happier. Considering only 60-80% of our day is actually spent being productive, it makes sense. When you have less time available you’re more likely to focus and less likely to get distracted. With shorter working hours, you have more time to do…

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