A Perfect Technology Storm

a perfect storm

More people are now working from home and rely more and more on technology to enable them to do so. We expect broadband, phone and mobile to be available so we can stay connected, make and receive calls, upload and download files, send and receive email, connect with our cloud apps and everything that enables…

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12 Apps to save time and boost productivity

With so much going on in our lives these days – there are ways to use technology and the internet to help you make better use of your time rather than the time drain it so often becomes. Here are just a few that I use or recommend that you can install on your computer…

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Step Away From The Smartphone

Yes, they’re a great tool but they can end up controlling our lives. I was reading a series of tweets last week about people who are woken from their slumber by their Blackberry, which then downloads emails and social media and before they’ve even got up, they’re immediately online and working. It’s not unusual –…

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Computer Phone Scam – A Cautionary Tale

Now the chances are that if you’re reading this blog you’re reasonably tech-savvy or you’ve come here because you’ve experienced a similar problem.  Every day, unsuspecting people are still getting caught out by the computer phone scam that’s been running for years. A person calls you up and claims they’ve had a report your PC…

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Acceptable Use Of A Mobile Phone?

A coffee shop in Norwich is refusing to serve customers who are on their mobile phone, because they’re not paying attention when ordering. Quite right too.  To me it’s just downright rude to be holding a conversation on your phone but pretty much ignoring the person standing or sitting in front of you.  Are we…

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