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Business women Excellence Award

Mentor Coach of the Year

  Mentor Coach of the Year   I'm thrilled and delighted to have won the Award for Mentor Coach of the Year at this year's Business Women Excellence Awards. A huge ...
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Planning the year ahead

Think Ahead – Plan Ahead

Do you have a tendency to leave things to the last minute? Are you always trying to catch up or constantly dealing with a backlog? When you plan ahead, you’re ...
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Superblend Me Challenge berries

SuperBlend Me Challenge

I’ve just completed Jason Vale’s 10 Day SuperBlend Me challenge and I lost 3.5lbs over the 10 days. I didn’t stick rigidly to it and there where a couple of ...
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The benefits of meditation

A simple breathing meditation

The benefits of meditation are better understood as more scientific studies and research show the positive impact it has on our mental health and wellbeing - reducing stress and anxiety, ...
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Business Cards

Do we really need business cards?

I’ve just been sorting through a stack of business cards, neatly filed away in a storage unit and pretty much untouched since I first received them. When I first started ...
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your time to shine

Your Time to Shine

I'm proud to announce the launch of The Shine Network. Our mission is to help you find a meaningful direction for your life and then to help you actually live ...
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Top time wasters

Top productivity killers

Business and people are even more connected today as a result of the technology available. Time is a precious commodity. We need tools and applications to make us more productive ...
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UK Productivity

UK Productivity lags behind Europe

BBC Radio 5 Live discussion on UK Productivity with Adrian Chiles Currently, UK Productivity lags behind many of our European counterparts such as France, Germany and the US. In the ...
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25 ways to create a 25 hour day

Once a year we gain an hour as the clocks go back to GMT. Hang around for another 200 million years and we will have a 25 hour day. Can’t ...
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Top Small Business Productivity Apps

Top Small Business Productivity Apps

When you're running a small business, technology has many great advantages to improve your productivity and make the best use of your time. While you can get overwhelmed with just how ...
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