The importance of sleep

The importance of sleep on productivity

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Science is now backing up how important sleep is to our overall health and our productivity. It ...
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Not showing up

  Working in the area of time management it’s inevitable that people occasionally don’t show up for a call. I make allowances for life happening or the unexpected coming up ...
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calming and finding balance

Peace and Tranquility

Early morning peace and tranquility ... In an increasingly busy and stressful world the natural environment provides a refuge: a place to recharge our batteries so we can emerge refreshed ...
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Where Do You Spend Your Time?

Balance Your Productivity - Where do you spend your time? What are the choices you make and how much do you and others really value and respect your time? Valuing ...
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Valuing your time series

Charge What You’re Worth

Balance Your Productivity - How to charge what you're worth. Know your hourly rate and how to appreciate the real value of your time. Do you value your time? Even if ...
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value time

Money can’t buy love …

...but it could buy happiness. At least according to the results of a recent survey it can. What they’ve confirmed is in the busy world in which we now live ...
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a perfect storm

A Perfect Technology Storm

More people are now working from home and rely more and more on technology to enable them to do so. We expect broadband, phone and mobile to be available so ...
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lose weight

Need to shift a few pounds for the Summer?

Have you been 'battling' to shift a few pounds? I know I have and yes, ladies, it's definitely harder as you get older! Here's what's worked for me ... finally! Working from home, ...
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Ultimate Small Business Marketing

The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book

I've just got back from the launch of Dee Blick's latest book - The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book. Even before I've had a chance to read it (I've had ...
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Networking Tips #13 Running your own group

Many people decide to start a networking group in order to benefit their own business.  After all what better way to promote your business than hosting a regular meeting for ...
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