After the workshop is over …

After the workshop

You’ve just come back from a really inspiring seminar, event or informative workshop – full of great ideas. Now what? You made notes and now have a list of all the tips and information. Enthused with all the things you’re going to do and change, you can’t wait to get started. Back at the office – there are…

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Six hour work day – does it work?

finish work early

It was first introduced in Sweden, now France have adopted the six hour working day. It’s appeal is spreading with more companies in the UK taking up the idea. While most Britons work 40+ hours a week, there’s a compulsion to stay in the office and work long hours but is this really necessary? Just because…

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Productivity versus being busy

Productivity versus being busy podcast

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Productivity versus Being Busy with Clare Evans Listen in to learn how to deal with email, how to keep social media from becoming a time suck, and how to find the work-life balance that works for you. LinkedIn podcast with Jason Miller – Global Content and Social Media Marketing Leader.

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Planning the final countdown to Christmas

countdown to christmas

In the remaining few days of the countdown to Christmas, there are even fewer hours in which to get work done. Working effectively or being productivity isn’t always a priority. You’re torn between trying to get tasks done and finish off projects before the end of the year and wanting to spend time with family and friends.…

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Planners and Journals

Planners and Journals

Do you use a planner or journal? Planners and journals are so much more than just a diary. They often include pages and layouts for goals, checklists, daily planning. Enabling you to organise your day, your work and your life. Even though I’m technically minded, I love the organic nature of using pen and paper for my…

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5 ways to deal with transport delays and strikes

transport delays cancellations

Public transport is often unreliable and subject to delays and cancellations, whether they’re on strike or not. There’s a limited amount you can do when your usual commute is disrupted and subject to long delays that are out of your control. You can make your commute easier, stay productive and keep working with a little planning and…

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Are you addicted to technology?

addicted to technology

According to a recent report by Deloitte, we’ve never been more addicted to our smartphones. Are you one of the 30% that check your smartphone overnight? Responding to emails and social media in the middle of the night. Do you reach for your smartphone as soon as you wake up? Do you and your partner argue about your excessive…

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Countdown to Christmas

budgeting for Christmas

You’ve just about recovered from your Summer holiday, Autumn has only just begun but retailers are already reminding us that Christmas it’s on it’s way with seasonal gift aisles, adverts, offers and Christmas party reminders. 1 in 8 people will end up in debt as a result of over-spending at Christmas. If you’re worried about…

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21 Business days wasted annually

21 days wasted productivity

A new study released by Sharp today has revealed that office workers in the UK are wasting an incredible 21 days per year per employee. Wasted time is often due to issues with workplace technology and is the equivalent of an extra 4 week holiday for every member of staff. Technology is intended to make…

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How to leave work on time

Running late

It’s Friday, you’ve had a busy week and you really don’t want to be leaving late today. Here are a few tips to get you out of the office and finishing work on time or even early. Start by giving your work colleagues and your boss a heads-up that you need to leave early. This…

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