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As a time management expert I’m regularly featured in the press and asked for time management and productivity related quotes and articles for newspapers, business magazines and the glossies, both in print and online.

I’ve been featured in the Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Times, Daily Mail, Lifestyle and Health magazines and appeared on BBC News, BBC Radio Commercial and Local stations.

I also write articles for many business publications, including those for small business, the legal and financial service professions.

If you’re a journalist looking for quotes or comment or you work in PR or Media and need an article or report on time management, productivity, business and work life balance topics, please do get in touch by phone, text or email (in order of quickest way to contact me).

I appreciate you’re often working to tight deadlines, so I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Recent Articles and Quotes In The Press

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Older articles

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