Free Time Quiz

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How you use your time affects your work, your health, your relationships and your overall sense of balance and well-being.

Good time habits:

  • give you control over your life – at work and at home
  • allow you to be more organised
  • be more productive
  • feel happier
  • have a great sense of fulfilment
  • lower your stress levels

... all while spending less time at work?

Better time habits enable you to find more time to do the things you enjoy and spend time with the important people in your life?

The first step is awareness. Know where you are now. What's not working - see where you need to make changes.

Complete the FREE Time Quiz today.

  • You’ll quickly be able to see which areas of your life you need to focus.
  • You'll have a better understanding of what you need to change.
  • You'll receive free email feedback with practical suggestions to instantly improve your time habits.

Find out how a few quick and easy changes could make your life more balanced.

  • Your productivity will increase
  • You'll find better ways to manage your priorities
  • You'll get back control of your life
  • You'll be able to focus on what's important
  • Your stress levels will reduce

You'll be in a much better position to create an action plan once you're aware of your poor habits and behaviours.

Improve the way you live and work, while working fewer hours and leading a calmer, more balanced life.

“Most impressed. It has really focused my mind on how I waste time and how I could work more efficiently.” 

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Welcome to the Time Quiz.
This should take only 10-15 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers - don't think too much about selecting the right option, just go with your first thoughts and be as honest as you can. The more honest you are the more you'll learn.

YOUR GOALS: This section relates to your aims and objectives for what you want out of life and what you do to achieve it.
You’re able to stay focused throughout the day
Your goals and objectives are clear and written down
You feel inspired and motivated
You are in control of your work
You have the money you need to support your lifestyle
You're happy with your career/business
You know what your long-term goals are
You track your progress against goals
You do everything yourself
You spend time on your personal development
PLANNING: This section relates to how you plan the different elements to your life.
You work late and/or at weekends
You take regular breaks during the day
You spend time traveling/commuting
You arrive on time for meetings
You complete all your tasks each day
You take time to plan your day
You are able to estimate how long a task will take
You achieve what you plan each day
You complete tasks ahead of time
You have clearly defined roles and responsibilities
ORGANISING: This section relates to how you organise and manage your life.
You find it difficult to tackle big tasks
Your meetings run on time
You meet all your deadlines
Your email is organised
You are able to find what you need
Your paperwork is organised
Your admin and accounts are up to date
You always remember things you’ve agreed to
You are easily distracted
You avoid or put off more difficult tasks
PRIORITISING: This section relates to how you prioritise the demands on your time.
You are always working on urgent tasks
You find it easy to get started on new projects
People make too many demands on your time
You’re able to say ‘no' to requests
You prioritise your tasks each day
You have enough time to do what you want
You know where to start
You are juggling several tasks at once
You get interrupted by emails, phone calls or other people
You feel overwhelmed
BALANCE: This section relates to how you live your life - your overall health, wellbeing and your relationships with friends and family.
You enjoy a good social life
You have plenty of time for yourself
You're in good health
You want to lose some weight
You eat a healthy, balanced diet
You’re relaxed and calm
You find time for regular exercise
You have a great relationship with your partner (or you're happy being single).
You are able to separate work from your home life
You take time for holidays
What would you like to change or do differently?
What frustrates or challenges you the most about your current situation?
How do you see your future if things don't change?