More Month Than Money: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom


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"A book about money that is easy to read, interesting and useful? Not only have I begun to use it to keep my finances in order, but I'm recommending it to everyone I know. And her reminders keep me on track and make me feel she has a true interest in my success." [Marie Mastria]


More Month Than Money: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Contained within this course and the accompanying e-book, is everything you need to get your finances back on track and start creating real wealth in your life.

Organise your finances, build the skills and create new habits to develop your own financial well-being.

Find the information, tools, tips and resources that will enable you to see where you are now and where you would like to be. Imagine a future free from debt and money worries. Get a new perspective on managing your money more effectively.

By using this course, you will:

"Even if you're not in debt, I feel that this information would make everyone stop and think and maybe try some of the suggestions to make sure they are getting the most from their money ... or could they do better?"[Helen Palmer]


More Month Than Money: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

The More Month Than Money Course, is a step-by-step, practical plan for anyone who would like to manage their money more effectively, reduce their outgoings, increase their savings and plan for their future.

Use the exercises and action points to understand where your money goes each month, start to take control of your finances and create better long-term financial habits.

Use the e-book to improve the habits you'd like to change and take better control of your money. Work your way through from start to finish or dip in and out as needed.

What are your current financial challenges? If you could turn them around what difference would it make to your life right now?

“What an amazing valuable resource, I love this book. I will not only use your e-book for myself but I will send all my clients to buy it as well. I love how comprehensive and simple it is, as well as the compassion and yet totally straight talk through out. It has already made a difference for me.” [Francis Jay Pryor]


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"I'm an investor and a saver so I wasn't really looking for new advise or tips, but I found them! I really enjoyed your e-book in many ways. First, it was easy to read and understand. Second, but especially, it provided me with a simple way to structure my finances and new ways to save on things I need - like insurances." [Dr Marie Mastria]

“I downloaded your excellent e-book on financial management today.  I am already looking forward to using your great tips for budgeting and I will be in a much better financial situation in 2006 as a result.   It’s very practical and easily understood. So a big thankyou for an excellent production." [Kathleen C].

"Your e-book is strong, well-organized and informative.  I thought I had done a lot of thinking about the money issue, but I certainly learned some more tricks here."  [Jonathan Englert]

"There is a definite connection between wellth and wealth. Through Clare's book More Month Than Money she makes a strong case for getting your wealth system in order. She also shares how important it is you recognize your wellth or well-being factors like attitudes and habits, and how they affect your money in and money out. Follow her 7 steps and your wealth will ensure your wellth - how great would that be!" [Stephen Hobbs]

"Clearly written and no-punches-pulled." [Rhiannon Hill]



I guarantee that you if you read the book, follow the course and don't take any action, you will stay exactly as you are and make absolutely no savings whatsoever.


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