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Here's what some of my clients and others are saying about the services and resources I provide.

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Clare offers very practical insights and advice for anyone, like myself, who is setting out in business for the first time. Her weekly e-tips, regular e-newsletter and 1-2-1 mentoring service have a way of asking the right questions or making useful suggestions to get you thinking about where you're going and how you're going to get there. The fact you can do all these things from the comfort of your desk also makes a lot of sense, saving time and money in travelling. I intend to use Clare's support again and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling to get going. Thanks again Clare. [Graham Richards - Freelance Fundraiser]

Clare enabled me to find more focus, keep on track and encouraged and motivated me during a very difficult period of transition and uncertainty from full time employment to working for myself. I don't think I could have coped as well without the coaching support - I certainly wouldn't have been as focussed! Thanks Clare - I look forward to continuing to work with you! [Mahmoona Shah]

In the space of the three months of working with you my business has guaranteed orders of over £5,000 with more potential to come in! I have money in the bank, which is helping me fund the marketing I want to do, I have new stationery and my business is starting to become much more successful.

I found the coaching sessions extremely useful, Clare is a great coach with good ideas that allow you to take a step back and look at things objectively. My goal was simply to be more organised in my daily and business life.

What Clare has done is provide me with simple ways and methods of achieving this and thus my time is much more effective when working on the things that matter. Running my own business, it was great to get an objective view (plus new ideas) from Clare – with a clear set of actions to complete before the next session. I found Clare a great coach in both business and family life and would certainly recommend Clare to anyone that will listen to me!! [D Casey – York on the Web]

"Clare linked up with me at a time when I was struggling to get my business started. She was prompt and committed in the contact she provided. She broke things down into tiny manageable steps. When I did manage the first step or two I did so not because I thought I 'ought' to do it, or because I thought Clare would chase me up...I did it because I could...and this gave me a sense of empowerment.

Clare's input has supported me in getting me started, and making small but significant changes in the way I thought. She managed this just through some email contact with me. I can only imagine how much more effective she might be over the phone or face to face. [Rachel Hicks, UK]

"Clare is one of my most valuable connections on Ecademy. Her time management tips are excellent and I always enjoy reading her articles in the Personal Finance Society Magazine. Make time to connect with Clare and you will not be disappointed!" [Martin Bamford, UK - IFA]

"Clare is brilliant at giving out time management tips - here's one of mine.  Make time to connect with Clare, she is one of the warmest and most erudite people you will meet and always has time for people (is this because her tips work I wonder ??)" [Tom Evans, UK]

"Clare is an empathetic, caring person; who speaks concisely, and has great advice.  She has helped me to organize my life and keep on track with my personal and business activities. Clare is also, a very fine person." [Jess Porter, US]

"Thanks for the kick up the backside in getting myself organised. The filing is done, the accounts are in a neat pile awaiting entry and I am more focused. A few simple words from Clare and I managed to refocus and get sorted out. I would recommend Clare to any one who needs to get their business, indeed life, back on track." [Robert Salter, UK - Robert Salter Events]

"Clare has a rare skill, she can bring about improvement within you, just by working across the Internet. Her writing is a good example of how you can express difficult or complex concepts in simple language that does not demean the reader. Her advice on organisation and time management make you realise that even you could do it, read her blogs, look at her Website and get to know her better." [Mike Farrow, UK - CBiS]

"I found the coaching sessions extremely useful – being self-employed it was a huge benefit for me to have Clare help me think about the way I was reacting to certain situations.  Not only did she act as a sounding board but also offered helpful techniques and approaches to help me become more proactive in the way I handle things. I now think much more positively about things even if they are not going well." [Claire Walsh, UK]

"A big thank you Clare.  The coaching sessions were excellent and made me more motivated and effective in achieving the tasks we set.  My time management has improved and I’m rarely late for appointments.  You helped me understand the value I offer my clients and enabled me to increase my fees as a result.  You have helped me immensely in rediscovering confidence together with the pleasure & fun of running my own business. Money well spent!!"  [Darren Chacksfield, UK - IFA]

"Clare understands the difference between deep-seated unconscious barriers and the potential in others for motivational work.  She was calm, patient and friendly but had good boundaries. She listened and waited patiently, making very apt and clear interventions.  Anyone who has reservations about coaches should speak to her.  If you need some coaching, go and buy some of hers!  Thank-you Clare, you made a real difference to me, even though I am sure I was quite a challenge!"  [Rhiannon Hill, UK - Psychotherapist]

"I just had to write and say how much I enjoy your Newsletters.  I look forward to receiving each one - and I welcome the positive messages you give.  Thank you again – it’s really good of you to give us this "good Stuff".  [Sara Verrall, UK – Elevations ]

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your newsletter this month. I usually skim read, being in my busy work day but this time, I read every word and was sorry when it ended." [Melanie Page].

"Clare helped me in two significant ways.  First she helped me to focus on my priorities, so that I was clear what I needed to achieve each week, and this moved me forward towards my goals much more quickly than I'd ever expected.  Second, Clare was not afraid to challenge me when I was not being honest with myself and this was the catalyst I needed to 'step up' to the goals I had set myself. Overall, a very positive experience which left me more confident, achieving more and feeling happy that my goals were within reach."  [Michelle Dewell, Australia]

"Clare’s coaching was highly effective in helping me achieve some crucial insights and overcome a number of emotional obstacles. These incremental victories made it possible for me to begin moving forward again. Examples are that I was able to create and act upon a plan for clearing out past issues including debt and paperwork, and that I was able to take the first serious steps towards making a lifelong dream a concrete reality."  [Jane Cater, USA]

"Clare is a very motivated, dynamic, and understanding person, who has a wonderful dynamism about her, and if you really want to accomplish something, then she will certainly be able to help you. I worked with Clare for a month, to help me understand better some of the things I wanted to clarify in my life, and as a consequence, now I'm having a blast!" [Farhan Rehman, Magitam]

"I started out with a whole list of aims and objectives and started to prioritise them, thinking that I would only be able to work through a few in the 3 month period. To date, I still have about 1 month to go and have achieved virtually all of them, and a few new ones besides.  You provide a great service – I only wish I had met you years ago!" [Ian Hill, UK - IFA]

"I just wanted to say that I am in the middle of doing Clare’s marketing workshops and am finding it really inspiring! I’m so organised it’s frightening! (Well it frightens me anyway)." [Anne Pugh, UK]

"Clare successfully motivated me to try many new things, the most powerful thing for me was the fact that even though I was sometimes doing seven different things at once, she always kept me focused.  I love a challenge and Clare challenged me with resolve in each and every session.  Consequently I met each challenge with good humour, looking forward all the while, to the next." [Krissy Jackson, Switzerland]

"If I had to go into the wilderness I'd take you as the leader!" [Polly Reah, UK]

"I now use mindmaps for my note-taking, thanks to you!![Marion Ryan, Ireland -]