91 Day Challenge – Change Your Habits

“A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step.” Lao Tsu

Make changes that last

The 91 Day Challenge is a really powerful and effective way of making a difference and changing your life for the better one day at a time.

You change your thinking and behaviour as you create a structure and routine to your day. Any challenges, blocks and issues can be dealt with as they occur and solutions implemented immediately.

The combination of 1:1 and email coaching has been designed to enable you to achieve more and really focus on your goals, the way you think and act.

Your confidence will increase, your stress will reduce and you’ll move towards living a happier, more balanced life with the right support in place every step of the way as you create your new habits.

Changing the way you think and behave isn’t always easy and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Step by step – one day at a time

    • Be more productive.
    • Achieve more each day.
    • Change the way you think and act over time.
  • Lead a healthier, more balanced, stress-free life.

You’ve probably been doing things the same way for years and while you might realise it’s not always the best way, it’s often easier to stay as you are, particularly if you’re lacking the support and motivation to help you change.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle

As part of the 91 Day Challenge you’ll benefit from over 15 hours of coaching.

You’ll start with an initial 1:1 phone or Skype session. Together we identify what you want to change, set your goals and outcomes. You send a daily email and receive feedback, support, suggestions, motivation, thoughts and comments.

Every day you’ll develop, change and strengthen your habits. You’ll change the way you think and act as you learn more about yourself.

You’ll start to achieve more of what you want with daily support, motivation, encouragement and of course the accountability.

The coaching is entirely personal to you and what you want to achieve over the next three months.

91 Days (3 months) is the optimum time needed to create new ways of working, thinking and to develop new habits. Your goals are broken down into more manageable chunks and you’ll see how small changes and daily focus adds up.

This continuous 91 days of coaching is the best way to make changes to your life with the minimum of time and the maximum impact starting from Day 1!

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Sign up for 91 Days – £247 per month

Not sure? Feel 91 days is too much of a stretch? Try it for 31 days. Commit to a month to start making a difference and see how it works.

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