About Clare Evans


I’m a Time Management and Productivity Coach and the Author of “Time Management For Dummies“. I love being able to work with you to enable you to reduce your stress, manage your overwhelm and create a calm, more naturally balanced life.

My clients are based both in the UK and Internationally. They include Professionals, Executives, Business Directors, CEOs and Partners from a variety of industries and organisations who want to:

  • improve their time management
  • increase productivity
  • learn better communication and leadership skills
  • reduce their stress
  • manage their career
  • grow and improve their business
  • find a better sense of balance in their personal life.

I specialise in Time Management, Productivity and Leadership Development applying both business and personal coaching techniques to support, challenge and motivate you and your teams to maximise your potential and use your natural strengths to achieve greater success and fulfilment.

I mainly coach one-to-one over the phone, occasionally face-to-face and through creating workshops for groups, departments and teams.

I also work as a Business Mentor for the Prince’s Trust – helping young people start up their own business and offering guidance and encouragement to help them succeed.

Download the free Time Audit at www.clareevans.co.uk – understand your own time habits, find ways to improve your productivity and create a more naturally balanced, stress-free life.

My articles are frequently published in newsletters and magazines.

If you’re looking to find solutions to your own challenges and issues – book a free 30-minute Strategy Session and rediscover your passion for life.
  • We’ll Balance all areas of your life with effective time management strategies
  • I use my intuition, insight, knowledge and expertise to simplify your life
  • I create a safe space to allow you to discover your strengths and restore your energy
  • I love to identify quick wins and to help prioritize what you need to do first.

Features in the Press

If you’re a journalist, I’m available for comment on time management, business, productivity and work life balance topics. Contact me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Here are a few of my previous features:

My Books

Do you find yourself tied down by piles of paperwork, endless unanswered emails and thousands of to-do lists? If so, this is the book for you! Become a more efficient, effective and productive you with Time Management For Dummies– your one-stop guide to taking control of your life and find your balance.

“The book has timesaving ideas on anything from organising your desk to making the most of business meetings and delegating.”
Sussex Express
“It covers every time management issue you can imagine.”
“This is good news for anyone who is struggling. The content of this guide is very sound”
On Target

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided that if anyone was going to be able to ‘work through’ this, it was me, and that if I could do it, I could probably help others do it too … and raise money for a good cause in the process. All Royalties from sales of the book will go to one or more of the cancer charities I support – you can find out more on the “Working Through Cancer” website.

“Clare shows that it’s possible to maintain perspective and a sense of humour! Sharing her personal experience and how she coped may bring a sense of relief to people who are feeling frightened or overwhelmed. The message comes across – ‘yes this is difficult but you can get through it, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself, and you are not alone’!”
Mark Craven, Macmillan Psychologist at Sussex Cancer Centre
“I found this book heart warming and useful. Clare describes her treatment and recovery as something that is not anything out of the ordinary and quite manageable. Having had breast cancer myself the book would be a welcome read for anyone who has recently been diagnosed, and it will help to make the difficult situation less scary.”
Sarah Springford, Cancer Survivor

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  • I’ll find out about you and your business by asking the right questions
  • I’ll create a safe space for us to discover your strengths and”bright spots”
  • I’ll help you find strategies to restore your energy and simplify your life in practical ways
  • We’ll identify a few quick wins and decide what you need to do first.

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