7 Great Reasons to Work from Home

Whether you work from home on a permanent or part-time basis, you run your own business or you usually work in an office, there are great reasons for it:

1. You can work flexibly.  You’re not tied to the 9-5 and you can plan your day around other non-work activities.

2. You can get up early or work late if you want to.  If you’re an early bird or a night owl – start and finish your work day at a time that suits you and work at times when you’re at your peak.

3. You don’t need to shop when everyone else does – evenings and weekends.

4. You can create your own workspace – especially if you have a home office away from the noise and distractions of an open-plan office.

5. You avoid the congestion, stress and frustration of the daily rush-hour commute.

6. You can get away from the endless office interruptions – the ‘have you got a minute’ moments, the water cooler discussions.

7. You’ll probably get a lot more done without the distractions of ringing phones, email and loud conversations.

You might even find time to exercise and take a lunch break while having a more productive day.