Acceptable Use Of A Mobile Phone?

Are you using your mobile phone too much?

A coffee shop in Norwich is refusing to serve customers who are on their mobile phone, because they’re not paying attention when ordering.

Quite right too.  To me it’s just downright rude to be holding a conversation on your phone but pretty much ignoring the person standing or sitting in front of you.  Are we really too busy or too self-important to be able to stop for a few seconds and give the person we’re with the attention they deserve?

It does work the other way too – I’ve been in shops where staff are too busy talking on their mobile phones (or chatting to other staff) to deal with a customer (don’t get me started on that one).

We’ve got used to mobile phones ruling our lives these days and they’ve become an integral part of our busy lives but that’s no excuse for giving them more importance than they really deserve or for rude behaviour.

Loud phone conversations when you’re on the train – yes, it’s a great way to use your time but does everyone else around you really need to hear your conversation.  I’ve listened in to some fascinating conversations but it’s frustrating when you can’t hear the other end of a particularly interesting ‘gossip’!

Even ruder is when a diner interrupts their conversation to answer their phone.  Unless you really are expecting that really important business deal or awaiting a critical piece of news – switch your phone off or at least on to silent and if you really are expecting an important call which can’t wait – let the person know.

What is good phone etiquette?  Have you experienced rude phone behaviour and what do you think is acceptable?