After the workshop is over …

After the workshop

You’ve just come back from a really inspiring seminar, event or informative workshop – full of great ideas. Now what?

You made notes and now have a list of all the tips and information. Enthused with all the things you’re going to do and change, you can’t wait to get started.

Back at the office – there are several messages for the calls you missed. An urgent email you need to respond to. A colleague who wants to talk to you.

Adding your workbook full of notes to the pile of papers already on your desk, you get to work on those calls and email. You’ll get back to it later, you just need to clear these things first.

Later that day or maybe the following day you might just might pick it up.

During the course of the next week you might implement a few of the things, motivated by your new found enthusiasm. But within a couple of weeks there’s a good chance you’ll have forgotten most of it and more than likely you’ve slipped back into your usual habits and routine, especially if you’re under pressure or get busy.

It happens, you’re busy. Sometimes it’s easier to carry on as you are than to find the time to make the changes.

So, how do you make the intention stick? How do you make the changes and keep the momentum going until they’ve become new habits or ways of working or being that you want.

Immediately after any seminar or workshop:

Review the material and your notes. The more often you review the more you’ll remember and put into action.

Set your intention and focus. What is it you really want to achieve? How will making these changes impact your life? What is the underlying benefit you’ll get from making changes (it’s often not what you initially think)?

Don’t change too much at once. You’ll feel overwhelmed and you’re more likely to stop doing everything. Just make one small change at a time.

Make it easy. How are you going to fit these new changes into your work or lifestyle? If it’s too complicated or expensive, it’s less likely to happen. Ironically, you might want to make the changes but you’re ‘just too busy’ right now.  You’ll do it later and of course ‘later’ never happens.

Commit to taking action. If you’ve come away with a list of ‘to-dos’ add them to your daily, weekly, monthly action list – set aside time for them.

Follow-up. Both with yourself and others. If you’ve committed to doing something, review your progress on a regular basis – you’re less like to fall off the wagon and more likely to stick with it.

The key to success and the way to get the greatest benefit from seminars, workshops, business or self-improvement courses is to take action, make yourself accountable, regularly review your progress and keep motivated.