Always late for meetings? Missing appointments?

Being late for a meeting or missing an appointment isn’t just an indicator that you’re not good at managing your time, it also shows a certain disregard for the person or people you’re meeting.

They’ve made time for you in their day.  They’ve turned up on time (hopefully).  They may even have altered or moved other appointments to fit around you.

It’s an inconvenience to them and it makes you feel guilty, frustrated or just stressed out.

Respect their time and yours by making sure you turn up on time for your meetings.

If you are going to be late or can’t make it, let them know – with as much notice as possible.

Most common reasons for missing meetings and appointments:

– Not putting it in your diary – write it down, put it in your scheduler.  Set a reminder.
– Not leaving enough time to get to the meeting – always aim to arrive early and allow extra time for delays and hold-ups.
– Not knowing where you’re going – check it out before you get there.  Google maps and Streetview are very useful.

If someone cancels on you – you might enjoy the extra time you now have available.  You’ve gained an hour or two of your time.  Make the most of it.

What does a missed appointment mean to you?  Inconvenience, frustration, wasted time?

How much do late, missed or no-shows cost you and your business?  Do you ever charge for missed appointments?

Get in touch for more tips on how to never miss a meeting or be late for an appointment.