Money can’t buy love …

value time

…but it could buy happiness.

At least according to the results of a recent survey it can.

What they’ve confirmed is in the busy world in which we now live and work with so many demands on your time, if you truly value your time and want to be happier, some things are worth paying for.

We’re swamped by information, overwhelmed by the demands of work, distracted by social media. Add this to the stress and pressure of everything we’re trying to fit in to 24 hours. No wonder we’re feeling  more and more frustrated, overloaded and stressed.

Many tasks have become quicker and easier with the changes in technology. But the digital age has  also added to our options for how we spend our time.

By paying others to do some of the tasks we’re trying to cram into our already busy schedule, we can free up more of our time to do things we enjoy that make us happy.

Whole businesses have sprung up enabling you to ‘buy’ time. Businesses who will plan, organise, pick up, drop off, do your chores, manage your admin, simplify your life.

If you think you can’t afford it, how much time do you waste or spend on low value tasks? What things do you buy that you don’t really need? Spend the money on things that free up your time, add value and give you a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Do you charge by the hour for the work you do? Even if you don’t, it makes more sense to pay someone else to do the jobs you dislike, that aren’t key to your business or your skill set. They can do them cheaper, quicker and more effectively than you.

Be happier. Free up more of your time to do the things you love by paying someone else to do the jobs you hate.