Networking Tips #15 It’s Not Who You Know

While you might meet a lot of people at your various networking meetings, it’s not just about the people you meet but also about the people they know.  So you need to make it easy for people to recommend you.

Quite often you’ll find business coming indirectly from a referral from someone you might have met at a networking meeting.  They knew enough about you and your business that they felt comfortable in passing on a referral to someone they know.

If you know 100 people and they each know 100 people, then your ‘area of influence’ has just expanded to 10,000 people.  It’s how LinkedIn works – your connections are connected and can act as introducers and referrers.

As they go about doing their business, they may well come across people who need your products or services and if they’re in a position to refer you – they probably will.

So, when you’re out networking – don’t dismiss the people you’re meeting just because they don’t seem to be the ‘right’ sort of people.

Get to know people, build a relationship with the people you network with.  If you’ve made an impact, if you got your message across – you never know who they know and where those referrals will come from in the long-term.