Networking Tips #33 It’s not all about you

Being helpful at networking events

 A major ‘don’t’ at a networking meeting is to spend the whole time talking about your own business, what you do and then pushing for business.

No one enjoys being on the receiving end of a ‘sales pitch’ and it’s more likely to put them off wanting to do business with you and make them quickly move on.

Ask more questions.  Find out about the person in front of you – who they are and what they do.  From the answers to your questions, you might find that there is an opportunity for you to work together but don’t assume and don’t expect it from the first conversation.

After all you don’t meet, get engaged, get married, have babies – all on the first date!

It’s the same in business – don’t ask for their business the moment you meet.  Find out if you’re a good fit first.

By all means follow up with more information on their services – but only if it’s appropriate or if they’ve asked for it.  Don’t automatically add them to your mailing list or spam them with your marketing messages.

As you’ll have read in previous tips, networking is about getting to know people, building a relationship and then having the opportunity to do business.