Networking Tips #34 Women and networking

Networking tips for women

Is there a difference in the way that men and women network?

Yes, probably.

Women are actually pretty good at networking as they’re much more sociable and good at the relationship building aspect to networking but what tends to put them off is the upfront, in your face, sales pitch side of networking.

Business networking events these days are less and less dominated by men and are usually have a pretty good balance.

Women feel more comfortable chatting in a relaxed environment rather than feeling they have to talk business or ‘sell’ themselves.  Which is why there are plenty of women only networks around.

Another challenge for women and networking, is that the traditional timings for networking meetings don’t fit well with school runs, homework and the evening meal, so they’re less likely to make it to the early breakfast and evening meetings.

Networking meetings aimed at women tend to start later in the day – The Mumpreneurs Networking Club, start their meetings at 9.30am which fits well with the school run.  Other groups hold their meetings around lunch and provide plenty of opportunity to chat.

However, there’s a balance between turning up for a weekly coffee and chat and knowing how to network effectively and professionally.

What are your thoughts and experiences?