Networking Tips #36 Does it work?

Does networking actually work?

I often get asked what I get from networking or if it really works.

If you’ve read through the rest of the series of networking tips then you’ll already know the answer.

Yet I still meet people at networking events who expect to come along to a meeting and gain business – instantly!  Not surprisingly – they probably won’t return when they’re disappointed.

Yes it does work but like anything – you get out of it what you put in.  The more active and engaged you are, the more you’ll achieve.

It’s all about sowing seeds and growing relationships – keep them fed and watered to see them grow and bear fruit.

I’ve connected with people and businesses that have provided my business with products and services as well as those who have become clients.

Put in a little time and effort (in a measured and balanced way) and you may be pleasantly surprised.

What are your experiences of networking?