Networking Tips: #38 Why do you do it?

If you regularly network, have you lost your networking mojo?  Do you go along just because you’ve got into the habit or your regular meetings?

Think about what you want to get from your networking.  All the time and money you put in to your business needs to give you a return – whether that’s in real immediate income, long-term investment, connections or something else.

Why do you go to networking meetings?

To gain business – unlikely to happen on the first visit and unlikely to just land on your desk because you’ve exchanged business cards or if you upset everyone by giving a sales pitch to everyone you meet! (See previous tips.)

To give business – you’re on the look out for a web designer, printer, accountant … a great way to meet other business professionals who can help your business.

To meet other business people – it’s a good way to connect with your local or online business community, to share ideas, talk through challenges and find solutions.

To socialise – for sole-traders this might be a good opportunity to get out of the office and meet other people outside of your usual four walls.

Because you enjoy early morning breakfasts!  There are better and less expensive breakfasts (when you add up the total cost).  That’s fine if you just want to socialise and ‘chat’ but does it give you the return you want or expect?

Refresh your networking mojo every now and then by reviewing your networking strategy – are you still getting what you want from your meetings?