Networking Tips: #39 Networking types

A light-hearted definition of some of the ‘types’ of people you’re likely to meet at networking events.

The wallflower – doesn’t really know anyone and this may be their first time networking.  Hides in the corner or skirts around the edge of the room, trying to avoid making eye contact.  If you see them invite them to join you, make them feel welcome, don’t leave them standing on their own.

The socialite – seems to know everyone in the room and are usually more than happy to introduce you to people they know.  Good people to connect with at networking events, especially if you’re new to networking or new to the group.  Some can be a bit aloof if you’re not part of their ‘crowd’.
The meerkat – constantly looking over your shoulder or glancing around the room to find someone more interesting to talk to.  Or that’s the way you feel.  Perhaps they’re just looking out for a friend or colleague who’s yet to arrive.
The gannet – they’re only there for the food (or drink).  You’ll find them hovering around the buffet table or the bar – best place to find them if you want to engage any of them in conversation.  Sometimes they only turn up for the food and refreshments, hardly talk to anyone and quickly disappear having eaten their fill.
The seagull networker – you may have heard of the seagull manager, the seagull networker is similar.  They fly in, rush around the room, handing out their business cards or leaflets, they make a lot of noise talking AT you and then move on the next victim person, without showing the slightest interest in what you do.

The techie – firmly attached to their smartphone or tablet and probably more interested in that than in having a conversation with the real life people in front of them.  They may be seated at a table tapping away or spend most of their time on the phone outside or on the edge of the room.  Technology has it’s place but at least pay attention to where you are and who you’re with.

The groupies – they’re from the same company and spend most of their time talking to each other.  They sit together and don’t take advantage of spreading their resources and talking to twice as many people.

Can you recognise some of these and what other types have you spotted?