Not showing up

Waiting at work


Working in the area of time management it’s inevitable that people occasionally don’t show up for a call. I make allowances for life happening or the unexpected coming up and usually people let me know, even if it’s at the last minute.

Every now and then someone simply doesn’t show up for their call. No apology. No explanation. No response to an email or text enquiring what happened.

Something may have come up. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. Sometimes they just forget.

  • They’ve booked the time in my diary.
  • I’ve taken time to prepare and review the information they provide for the call.
  • I’ve come up a few ideas we can discuss for them to work on.
  • I settle down a few minutes in advance in preparation for their call.
  • Nothing. I give them a few minutes incase they can’t quite make it on time.
  • Still nothing. I send a text or email and wait for a response. Are they OK.

Even when they don’t show up, I’ve still spent 30 minutes in preparation and follow-up.

When you don’t show up as arranged, what does it mean?

  • Are you over-committed?
  • Are you unable to prioritise?
  • Do you feel your life is worth talking about?
  • Do you want to make a change or would you rather stay as you are?
  • Do you respect the time of the other person?

How does it impact you when someone doesn’t show up. How does it make you feel when you miss a meeting. What are your reasons or the excuses you make?

Yes, life happens.

If something does come up or gets in the way. Let the person know. They won’t waste more of their time waiting and wondering you, you can reschedule either then or at a later date and they can get on with something else.

Better yet – think ahead.

  • Can you really commit the time?
  • Is this something that’s important to you?

If it is – turn up. If not – cancel or don’t commit time you don’t have in the first place.

If you want to make changes and you promise to show up – book a time for us to talk. 🙂