The power of good health

power of good health

A great reason to look after your health and well-being.

A testimonial from someone who was middle aged, relatively sedentary, overweight, diabetic and had high blood pressure. On visiting their doctor, they were told they would need medication to manage their blood pressure and insulin to manage the diabetes.

They now had a choice.

Either continue and even with medication managing their various symptoms, in their words “sit around and wait to die” or …

Do something about it! By totally committing to improving their health and wellbeing.

In just 9 weeks:

  • They lost over 20lbs
  • Lowered their blood pressure to that of a much healthier, younger person
  • Dropped several clothing sizes
  • Are no longer diabetic
  • No need of medication to control diabetes or high blood pressure.

Working with a personal trainer they followed a diet and exercise programme adjusted to their specific needs to achieve these amazing results.

Yes, it takes a commitment, hard work and dedication. Would you rather live the rest of your life on prescribed medication with it’s risks and side-effects? Or solve the underlying problem and take control of your own health and change for the better?

You only have one life – live longer and make the most of every happy, healthy minute!