SuperBlend Me Challenge

Superblend Me Challenge berries

I’ve just completed Jason Vale’s 10 Day SuperBlend Me challenge and I lost 3.5lbs over the 10 days. I didn’t stick rigidly to it and there where a couple of times I had something other than a blend, so I’m pretty pleased to have lost as much as  I did.

Even travelling up to London for work – I took a couple of blends with me and resisted my usual coffee and a croissant at the station and sandwich for lunch.

Since hitting 50 the weight has been harder and harder to shift. In my 30s and 40s it was easy to drop a couple of pounds or maintain my weight but over the last decade it’s crept up slowly but surely.

I loved this version of his challenges. I’ve joined many of the juicing challenges over the years from the 7 Day to the 28 Day. I loved the Soup ’n’ Juice challenge but the SuperBlend Me has been the easiest of them all.

Not only is it far easier to throw everything in the blender but it’s quicker to prepare, there’s far less mess than juicing and you’re not wasting the pulp.


Give it a go

If you got a Nutribullet for Christmas and don’t know what to do with it – or you gave it a go and then decided it’s not for you, try it.

It’s ONLY 10 days. If you want to shift a few pounds or kick-start healthier eating habits its a great way to start. Note ‘start’. If you do this and then just go back to your ‘normal’ eating habits you’ll just put back on any weight you lost.

The blends are more filling than juices and while a few aren’t as tasty as some of the juices, the majority are delicious and filling, so you really don’t feel hungry. Your digestive system will function so much better. Many of the symptoms of poor eating habits will reduce if not disappear – IBS, constipation, bloating, better skin, increase energy …

After the Challenge there are several perfectly manageable options for continuing with your new healthy eating habit. A mix of blend days, lighter eating days and more indulgent days depending on what you want to achieve.

At any time of the year, if you want to eat healthily, take a break from ready meals, over-processed and junk food or you’ve indulged in a few too many biscuits and pastries, then I highly recommend you switch to either juicing or smoothies for a couple of days.


Healthy Habits

Don’t worry, I’m not a fanatic about juicing – I love cakes, biscuits and pies but I don’t live on them and rarely, if ever, eat junk food, although I do enjoy an occasional pizza or takeaway.

I make smoothies pretty regularly for breakfast or in the evening. I even juice when I’m not doing a challenge, especially if I’ve had a few days away, been on holiday or over indulged.

If you’re used to eating every time you feel hungry, consume two or three large meals every day or eat a lot of snacks, you’re likely to feel hunger pangs, rumbling or empty stomach. But stick with it, you’re re-educating your body and mind to what’s good for it. If you rely on sugar to keep you going or drink a lot of coffee, you may well experience withdrawal – another sign your body is too dependent on these substances.

I juiced pretty consistently when I was going through my various cancer treatments. It was a really easy way to ensure I was getting good nutrition when I didn’t feel like eating or have the energy to cook and it helped make the chemo more manageable.

The better you eat, the more you palate changes and you realise just how much sugar, salt and other unnatural ingredients are in much of the food we eat.

Eat natural. 50% of what you eat should be fruit and veg. Be aware of what piles on the pounds – everyone is different. For you it could be bread, pasta, rice, diary, sugar.