World Cup Productivity

England may be out of the 2014 World Cup but business goes on as usual … or does it.

With big sporting events there’s a desire to get involved and this can have a significant impact on business and productivity.

What effect have you already seen on your business in the first  two weeks of the World Cup?

Are your staff taking time off work to catch up on key games?

As most of the games are in the afternoon, evening (UK time), it might only slightly impact the working day, but are they taking time off ‘sick’ the following day to recover?

The buzz around the World Cup can also keep people motivated to get things done before the end of the working day, so they can be ready for the 5pm kick-off.  This might actually increase productivity if employees realise the benefit to wasting less time, so they can finish early or on time.  On average we waste about two hours a day through distractions and interruptions.

Alternatively, they may now spend more time chatting to their friends and colleagues about scores, goals, penalties, players and controversial decisions, which distracts them from work.  Keep chatter to break times – frequent breaks are fine (within reason) as you’ll actually work more effectively.

It’s tougher on shift-workers who may well be working when the games are on but equally they’ll have the benefit of being off-shift at other times.

If you don’t already, you might consider flexible working – start early, finish early.  Allowing people to finish in time to watch the games.

Treat requests for holiday time and day’s off fairly.  You need to ensure there’s adequate cover in the office so that phones get answered, emails are responded to and work still gets done.

What are you doing to engage your staff but keep them motivated and productive?