10 02, 2013

After the workshop is over …

You've just come back from a really inspiring workshop - full of great ideas and you have a list of all the tips and information you've [...]

10 02, 2013

You don’t have to answer it

How often do you call someone on the phone whether on their landline or more often their mobile and having answered it, they then say they [...]

10 02, 2013

The myth of Inbox zero

Email is one of the top things that gets in the way of being productive - although it's a tool in itself, it's also a source [...]

22 12, 2012

How to keep a meeting to time.

How often have you experienced this situation?  You've arranged a meeting for an hour and then the meeting somehow manages to run on for another half [...]

5 12, 2012

Ineffective Cold Calling

Cold-calling - two words that fill most people with dread - either making those calls or being on the receiving end of them. Having just been [...]