Networking Tips #20 Business Cards

Business cards at networking events

These are an essential tool for networking and it’s useful to carry one or two with you wherever you go. You never know when you might want to give someone your contact details.  I always have one or two in my wallet for those totally random moments, when you’re not necessarily at a business meeting.…

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Networking Tips #21 Social Media Networking

Networking using social media

These days, anyone who’s in business is in to social media – or so it seems. Now there are still a lot of people who don’t ‘get’ it and many people think it’s just another place to waste time on idle gossip (it can be) but it’s also a great place for online networking. It’s…

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Networking Tips #18 Pay It Forward

Networking is a two way process

Networking is a two-way process.  It’s not just about what you can get from networking it’s just as much about what you can give to your network. Your network is a valuable resource of product and service providers.  You probably know people from a whole range of professions.  If someone requests an accountant or a…

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Networking – Should I Join BNI?

Networking with Business Networking International

If you’re in business and you network, the chances are you’ve come across BNI (Business Networking International). They’re a large global organisation that works on the premise of ‘Givers Gain’ and the core of their meetings fits around the referral process. Members refer and promote the other businesses within their ‘Chapter’. Someone asked a question…

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Networking Tips #19 Does Size Matter?

Networking event size

So, what size networking event should you aim for? With the hundreds of networking groups available – they vary greatly in size, from small intimate groups to large gatherings.  This may come down to personal preference. No matter how many people attend an event, you’ll inevitably only get to talk to a handful, so it…

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Grow Your Followers On Twitter

Twitter followers mobile

Something I often get asked about Twitter is how to grow your followers.  It’s relatively easy to grow the people you follow if you spend a few minutes a day actively finding people to follow but how do you get people to follow you? Well, this might depend on whether you want to put a…

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Networking Tips #16 How Not To Network

Bad ways to network

While I’ve given you a few tips on how to make the most of your networking – here are a few things to avoid: Don’t spend all your time talking about yourself and your business.  It’s not about you it’s about them and networking is not another word for ‘sales pitch’. Don’t adopt a ‘seagull’…

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Networking Tips #17 Offline vs Online

Online and offline networking

These days it’s just as easy to network online as it is offline.  In fact it’s probably easier: – you don’t need to leave your office – you don’t need to get dressed up – you don’t need to travel in order to network – you get to drink your own coffee – it’s cheaper…

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Networking Tips #14 Any Time, Any Place, Any Where

Network anywhere

You don’t need to attend a specifically organised business networking event in order to participate in or benefit from ‘networking’. As the Martini Ad used to say – networking can be done, “any time, any place, anywhere” (for those of us old enough to remember it). You never know who you might meet or where…

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Networking Tips #15 It’s Not Who You Know

Build a large network

While you might meet a lot of people at your various networking meetings, it’s not just about the people you meet but also about the people they know.  So you need to make it easy for people to recommend you. Quite often you’ll find business coming indirectly from a referral from someone you might have…

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