Networking Tips #33 It’s not all about you

Being helpful at networking events

 A major ‘don’t’ at a networking meeting is to spend the whole time talking about your own business, what you do and then pushing for business. No one enjoys being on the receiving end of a ‘sales pitch’ and it’s more likely to put them off wanting to do business with you and make them…

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Networking Tips #32 But I don’t know anyone

What to do when you don't know anyone at a networking event

Many people are put off going to networking meetings because they won’t know anyone. Well, we all felt like that once and you can overcome that initial nervousness with a few simple tips. Arrive early – it’s easier to meet and talk to people as they arrive – rather than enter a room full of…

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Networking Tips #30 Make It Easy To Get In Touch

Make sure people can get in touch with you easily

I’m often surprised by how difficult people make it for you to get in touch.  You meet someone at a networking event and then you return to the office you want to keep in touch or connect with them online but you can’t track them down. Perhaps you only had a list of attendees or…

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Networking Tips #31 Be Selective

Be selective at networking events

People will tell you that you need to be out networking in order to gain more business.  If you’ve been reading the Networking Tips blog posts – you’ll have picked up a few tips on how to get the most from your networking. One temptation is to attend every networking event going – taking a…

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Networking Tip: #29 Speed Networking

Speed networking

Love it or hate it – speed networking is a great way of meeting a large number of people in a short period of time. Some people dislike it because of the speed at which you connect with people without having a chance to really have a conversation. The purpose of attending a speed networking…

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Networking Tips #28 It’s Not Who You Are …

elevator pitch at network meetings

… it’s what you do and who you do it for. If you’re lost for words when it comes to introducing yourself to people or standing up and delivering your 60 seconds, try this as part of your introduction, your one minute, your elevator pitch at network meetings or when asked “What do you do?”…

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Networking Tips #27 Little At A Time

Rushing during your networking speeches

I was having a conversation with someone the other day. They’d just joined a networking group and were wondering how to get across their message and the multiple services they offered in their one minute – without reeling off a shopping list of services. If you offer a number of services or products it can…

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Networking Tip #25 Meet Up

Meeting up after a networking event

If you regularly attend network meeting, you’ll know that you don’t often manage to have a lengthy conversation with the people you meet. While you might carry on a conversation and follow-up via email, phone or social media – it’s always good to meet up for a longer conversation. You’ll be able to find out…

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Networking Tips #23 Build Your Confidence

Build your confidence with networking

When I first started out networking the thought of standing up and even delivering a brief 60-second intro filled me with dread. I know others feel the same way and will avoid it at all costs but if you want to promote your business, you have to get out there and shout about it –…

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Networking Tips #22 Make It Personal

Networking using Linkedin

Most of us receive regular invites to connect with someone on one of the many and growing number of social media networks. The majority come with the pretty standard invitation message.  Linked In, ReferralKey, Linked In in, like many others, allows you to send invites or connect with people you know. Most people just…

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