Yeah! It’s Blue Monday

Despite today being labelled as Blue Monday, there’s no reason to be feeling down on this or any other day.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue. A lovely change from the rain and wind over the last few weeks.

After a flurry of snow at the weekend, the day’s are getting longer and we’re slowly but surely heading into Spring.

Even if you’re counting the cost of Christmas, if you’re overdrawn and running up debts on your credit cards or find you’re struggling to make ends meet at this time of the year, make a decision to manage your money better.

If you’re feeling the effects of over indulgence, make a commitment to improve your health – get active, eat a healthier diet and look after yourself this year.

If you’ve already fallen off the ‘New Year Resolution’ or Dry January bandwagon – don’t give up, get back on track and keep going.

I’ve managed to commit to (and achieved) a daily yoga practice and completed the 7 Day Juice and Soup Challenge. I find it helps having the motivation of not only shifting a few of those Christmas pounds but seeing a tick every day of the year so far on my daily yoga schedule!

You can expect a few slip-ups along the way but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Think about the reasons you want to change and commit to taking one or two steps to making those changes. Success breeds success.

If you try and do too much all at once or beat yourself up too often – you’re more likely to give up completely. Change your habits one day at a time and celebrate your small achievements along the way.

Patience and persistence, focus and commitment will get you there.

If you want to make real and lasting changes – change your habits one day at a time with the 91 Day Challenge or if that’s too much of a stretch – ask me about the 31 Day version.

Find your potential in 2016.